Ben Hart invents magic tricks, special effects and impossible illusions for the world of theatre, film and television.  He is well-respected as a highly original magic creator and the go-to guy if you need to decapitate, vanish, levitate, transform etc etc - no task is too unusual or impossible...

As a theatrical magic consultant and Illusionist, Ben approaches problems from the view of both a performer and also as an inventor.

As a writer and director, he has worked with some of the world's top performers, regularly being called upon to provide creative, unique and rebellious ideas. He has written and devised material for some of the most well-known magicians in the business. Outside fo the world of performance, he has devised presentations and advertising campaigns for businesses that want to express their key messages through magic and has delivered amazing product launch shows. 

As a teacher of magic, Ben has mentored all kinds of people, from aspiring and experienced magicians and business executives to some of the world's top actors.

Ben has designed solutions to problems of all scales, from appearing cars to appearing flies, floating daggers, actors walking on the wall and everything in between... If you have an idea or problem that needs solving or are another performer seeking ideas, then get in touch - he'd love to hear from you...


“Bold and fittingly mind-blowing… The year’s most sensational coup de theatre”
— The Telegraph (on WILD for the Hampstead theatre)
We’re left dumbfounded by some highly accomplished illusions...
— The Independent (on Dr Faustus for WYP)
Jaw dropping tricks and illusion
— (on The Arthur Conan Doyle Appreciation Society for Traverse)
Magic tricks and special effects that should have Derren Brown reaching for his notebook
— The Stage
Gasp-inducing trickery
— The Independent (on The Arthur Conan Doyle Appreciation Society for Traverse)
Special mention should be made of the wonderful stage illusions of Ben Hart; one is left wondering ‘How on earth...?’, which is as it should be. Henry Irving would have been impressed.”
— The Henry Irving Society

Ben has created countless magic tricks, ideas and concepts. His consultancy work includes:

A CHRISTMAS CAROL (The Royal Shakespeare Company 2017)

THE EXORCIST (Birmingham Repertory Theatre 2016, West End 2017)

IMPOSSIBLE (International Tour and West End 2016)

WILD (2016 Hampstead theatre, James MacDonald)

"NOW YOU SEE IT" (2016, Objective Productions for BBC One)

"LIFE HACK HOAX" (2016, Second Star Productions for BBC Three)

"KILLER MAGIC" (2015, BBC Three)

BEN EARL "TRICK ARTIST" (2013, Magnum Productions for Channel 4, Simon Dinsell)

DR FAUSTUS (2013, West Yorkshire Playhouse/Glasgow Citizens Theatre, Dominic Hill)

THE ARTHUR CONAN DOYLE APPRECIATION SOCIETY (2012/13, Peepolykus/Traverse, Orla O'Loughlin) 

PAUL MERTON "OUT OF MY HEAD" (2012, Tour and West End Run)

STAGEFRIGHT (2012, Theatre Royal Bury St Edmunds, Colin Blumenhau) 

NICORETTE CAMPAIGN (2011 online advertising campaign for Nicorette, BBH) 


THE EGG TRICK (2010 film starring Sir Ian McKellen, Neath Films, Stephen Kroto) 

WONDERLAND (2010, Work of Genius, Iqbal Khan)  

CARNIVAL (2010, Guildford School of Acting) 

TRIDENT "TRICKY" (2009 international commercial, Th2ng, Simon Cracknell) 

DARKER SHORES (2009/10, Hampstead Theatre, Anthony Clarke) 




“Bold and fittingly mind-blowing… The year’s most sensational coup de theatre!”
— The Telegraph (on WILD for The Hampstead theatre)
“Has to be seen to be believed”
— TimeOut (on WILD for The Hampstead Theatre)